Sunday, 28 February 2016

Steps to create and promote effective online text contest website

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Keep aside your worries of creating a text contest website!! It wouldn't be any difficult as you may imagine. You can easily taste success by taking few steps in creating and promoting an online writing contest website. Having such steps taken, throwing open a text contest site would be a cake walk... What not!! You can hold contests on poems, be it rhyming or non-rhyming, prose contests, content creation competitions, tagline contests, and so on.

You can make your site a one-stop destination for participants who have  a knack for writing and companies or brands, which hold contests and give away stunning prizes to the winners. That is not all!! You can also allow adjustments to the contests if the contest holder prefers.

A contest can be made a blind contest, a highlighted contest, a private contest and a featured contest. In a blind contest, one participant cannot see the entries submitted by the other participant. In a highlighted contest, the contest holder can increase the visibility of his contest by highlighting his contest with great color combinations. In a private contest, only those who have made a registration to the site can view the contests being held. Finally, in a featured contest, contest holders can get their contest displayed on top of their respective categories so as to increase participation. 

Steps to create and promote effective online text contest website

As said, in total contrast to your perception, creating an online text platform isn't a great affair, thanks to the availability of text contest software. A high-quality software will enable you to launch the website in just a matter of few days.

However, look out for the desired user interface, designs, features, speed in the software. These few mentioned steps will help you go a long way.

Make your marketing work for you. As you choose the right software, it comes with SEO friendly development. So, the visibility of the website on Google search results would be better. Apart from that, put to use Affiliate program to drive traffic to your website.


Modern features are indispensable. Ensure the software you pick is rich is all features that can offer the best experience to the users when they are on your site. Success as an owner of the website can be assured with the various revenue generation models which you put into effect.  

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Four simple tips to run an effective online video contest website successfully

vide contest script
In today’s world of online business competition, many organizations are focusing on an online contest industry to build their company brand effectively and enhance their company’s growth. This contest platform retains your company clients to engage with the brand on deeper level in a smartest way.

Several kinds of online contest websites are available on the contest campaign such as design, video, audio and text. Among these online video contest have become as a new frontier for marketers in exploring the ROI of user generated content.

This video contest platform offers a unique competition method, which encourages user-generated content from fans to followers and drives more traffic back to your social networking sites as well as your website.

It creates unique feeling and excitement in your product rather than just about any other advertising mechanism and also cost-effective ways to market your business.
By seeing its exponential-growth and huge success on the contest industry, many entrepreneurs are looking forward to launch an online video contest website.

If you are planning to start a video contest website, which acquires huge phenomenon growth in the online video contest platform, then “Contest Platform” will be perfect option for you and it satisfies your needed requirements.

The “Contest Template” helps you to build the website with a dynamic interface, simple navigation access and attractive web designs. By using this script, you can easily develop the website within 48 hours.

Here we see some major factor to run your video platform successfully

Build an effective theme

A creativity theme plays a crucial role in the video contest and makes your campaign more attractive, thus driving participants to work hard on their entity. Make sure that your innovative theme is engaging with your new visitors and shows effective challenges to your targeted audience.

Offer best prizes for audience

Many users enter the website only if it’s fun and engaging, but at end of the day people look on to win something on the website. In fact make sure that the winning entry is rewarded to increase submissions on your site. Track your brains to offer the most appropriate prize, which makes best for your audience.

Focus on choosing micro site

It offers you nice landing page for your video competition, which is fully branded and integrate with other networks such as Twitter! The microsite provides you full access to catch data from entrants that includes email, gender and residence of country.

Make your contest social

Your video contest gains benefited from more audiences and visitors only via social network, which maximizes viral awareness in the digital world. With help of this network, users can create “stop-motion” videos and add unique element to your video contest, which enables you with tiny and snappy user generated content from fans.

Bottom line

 Entrepreneurs can run and manage an effective and dynamic video contest website successfully by following above mentioned strategies.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

An exceptional overview of Contest software - 360Contest

Agriya introduced a trend-changing innovation for the contest industry. Their forward -thinking development crew are the minds behind this innovation of their contest software. Let’s take a tour of this invention right now.

Scope of the contest software in the market

Design crowd is the leading design contest website where there are around 400725 graphic designers from 165 countries. On an average, 103 designers will participate in the contest and has more than $18,785,129 prize money for various projects and contest.  

In the video contest industry, Wosshi is the primary video contest website which has more than 4000 video professional participating in the various video competitions. It shortly reaches more than 30 countries.

Likewise, there are many contest websites which are all doing wonders in their respective fields. These truths help us to create user-friendly contest software which can be apt for any kinds of contest.

What is contest software?

It is ready-made software which helps you to launch your exceptional design, audio, video and text contest website. It integrates many in-built options like multi-currency, language translation, responsive design, multiple payment option and revenue generation option into your website. 

As a webmaster, you can manage entire back-end of your website. It helps you to measure the performance of your website accurately.

Outstanding revenue generating options

You can immensely earn more money by using this contest software. Other than the registration fee and participant commission fee there are some fee options where you can set up fee according to your wish. Those fees are contest duration fee, website commission fee, additional contest fee, ad-banner and advertisement captcha. 

Final words

Keep in touch with Agriya to know more information about the all valuable details about this multi-purpose contest software.